[Dev] Plans for nonprism [was neutered geoclue]

Freemor freemor at freemor.ca
Tue Feb 4 12:53:28 GMT 2020

  This is still ongoing but more slowly due to me having to step back a bit. 
I've most recently bee working through the less popular packages in nonprism
and been bringing them up-to-date. Darktable is a stumbling block as it now
olny supports 64 bit code and thus the latest version wont compile for
1686/armv7h.  I haven't had the chance to dig in yet and see if this is an
actual problem or just something they have stuck in the bre-build checks so they
don't have to worry about 32 bit clean code.

  In doing the there are some things in nonprism that possibly should be moved to
libre because the reason for them being in there is disabling third party site
add-ons (gthumb comes to mind) and isn't not suggesting non-free services under
the libre/parabola social contract/etc umbrella.

  What would be useful is if you could glance through the PKGBUILDS and compile a
list of the packages by:

Only removes geoclue - these we could lose thanks to the neutered geoclue
Only removes addon or access to non-free service - some of these might be
   candidates for moving to libre
Actual privacy enhancing - the "hardened" packages/etc. things that actually
   move the  privacy bar a bit higher

  What I'm seeing is that nonprism, especially given the name, was probably
created around the time of the Snowden leaks and some of the things in there
look a little more reactionary then a well defined curated collection.

  WRT the above. One thing that is needed and that you and others can help with is 
discussion here so create a clear, concise, idea of what should be in
"privacy-enhanced". By which I'm not meaning actual package but a set of
guidelines. a la "Things that remove tracking/dialing home". And also what
kinds of things should not be included because they fall under the umbrella of
security (we should probably think about a "Security-enhanced" down  the road),
or should be in libre, etc.

  Another thing that would be good is some sort of naming convention so an end
user can easily see whats "enhanced" like foo-TR-GlR for program foo but with
tracking removed and geolocation removed. Or could be that each package has a
.txt file that lives in /usr/shae/doc/privacy-enhanced/ that describes what was
changed and why.

On Mon, Feb 03, 2020 at 09:14:53PM +0100, theova wrote:
> The point of having a privacy-as-default repository with less
> maintenance workload is absolutely right for me.
> What is the current status on this? Is there any help needed?
> I could investigate, test or build packages.
> Otherwise I can also look at today's [nonprism] packages and keep them
> up-to-date.
> bill-auger <bill-auger at peers.community> schrieb am Sun, 15. Dec 19 21:50:
> >i like the idea of the name change - it is probably was never
> >meaningful to most people unless they read the wiki article
> >first - a concise name like 'privacy' would make its purpose much
> >more obvious
> >
> >AFAIK the repo name itself could be changed arbitrarily; but
> >each of the packages also have ".nonprismN" in the 'pkgrel' - im
> >not sure why that is necessary (likewise for ".nonsystemdN") -
> >packages in [libre] and [pcr] do not end with ".libreN" or
> >".pcrN"
> >
> >in my experience, `pacman -Syu` will not automatically upgrade a
> >newer version of some duplicated package if it is in a
> >lower-priority repo - it is absolutely necessary to have the
> >repos declared in pacman.conf in the expected order of priority
> >- so, it should be totally sane to drop the special descriptors
> >".nonprismN" and ".nonsystemdN" from the 'pkgver', and have the
> >same ".parabolaN", or ".parN" for all packages, right?
> >
> >maybe im confused about that; but it is common when packaging
> >with libretools, that some package conflicts arise because some
> >package needs to be deleted from the local /repo, which
> >is shadowing the one in the public repos, because of its
> >priority in the chroot pacman.conf
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