[Dev] Plans for nonprism [was neutered geoclue]

theova theova at bluewin.ch
Mon Feb 3 20:14:53 GMT 2020

The point of having a privacy-as-default repository with less
maintenance workload is absolutely right for me.

What is the current status on this? Is there any help needed?
I could investigate, test or build packages.

Otherwise I can also look at today's [nonprism] packages and keep them

bill-auger <bill-auger at peers.community> schrieb am Sun, 15. Dec 19 21:50:
>i like the idea of the name change - it is probably was never
>meaningful to most people unless they read the wiki article
>first - a concise name like 'privacy' would make its purpose much
>more obvious
>AFAIK the repo name itself could be changed arbitrarily; but
>each of the packages also have ".nonprismN" in the 'pkgrel' - im
>not sure why that is necessary (likewise for ".nonsystemdN") -
>packages in [libre] and [pcr] do not end with ".libreN" or
>in my experience, `pacman -Syu` will not automatically upgrade a
>newer version of some duplicated package if it is in a
>lower-priority repo - it is absolutely necessary to have the
>repos declared in pacman.conf in the expected order of priority
>- so, it should be totally sane to drop the special descriptors
>".nonprismN" and ".nonsystemdN" from the 'pkgver', and have the
>same ".parabolaN", or ".parN" for all packages, right?
>maybe im confused about that; but it is common when packaging
>with libretools, that some package conflicts arise because some
>package needs to be deleted from the local /repo, which
>is shadowing the one in the public repos, because of its
>priority in the chroot pacman.conf
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