[Dev] ParabolaWiki installation guide

bill-auger bill-auger at peers.community
Wed Nov 27 04:29:00 GMT 2019

all i can say for certain about the install guide now, it that it
is in a state of flux because if the new 'base' meta-package

there are actually tree different install guides now - that
alone is confusing - we have not discussed it much; bit the
tendency seems to be toward one unified page and deleting the
other two - the main install guide now is essentially complete
for either systemd or openrc - that was not so just a few months
ago - for openrc, one needed to jump around between two articles
and important steps were often missed

as it is now, i dont think its too confusing - 95% of the
procedure is the same for either - there are only 2 (?)
sub-sections that differ depending on the initsystem - plus, the
latest goal is to normalize the base install process; by moving
all packages that are related to openrc into the [nonsystemd]
repo exclusively, all with identical names to their systemd
analogs - in that way, the install procedure would be even more

much of the confusion now is due to the package names and
conflicts with providers of elogind, libsystemd and other
init-specific essentials - for example, ideally one would only
need to enable [nonsystemd] and pacman -Syyuu to migrate from
systemd to openrc; or disable [nonsystemd] and pacman -Syyuu to
migrate from openrc to systemd

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