[Dev] providing libre sources without breaking the server (maybe)

Freemor freemor at freemor.ca
Wed Nov 27 16:27:46 GMT 2019

Some arguments have been provided to me that provide more clarity on the
cleaned source question. 

I'm now feeling like this is a required (By the GPL) thing.

Two options come to mind. Hacking pacman/libretools to roll the source tarball
after prepare(). Thus providing Cleaned sources.


As source under the GPL can be provided upon request. Some server side
automation that would run makepkg -o on any pakcages pushed to  abslibre and
roll the src dir into a tarball (cleaned source) which it makes available on
the Parabola.nu web server. Of course Trimming old sources so we aren't trying to
store 40 years of sources.

Option 2 would save build time. Provide cleaned sources and dodge the question
of distributing the liberation PKGBUILDs as part of the source. 

Nothing would be hidden. PKGBUILDs would live in abslibre as they do now but
there'd be a directory of clean source tarballs on the server. Beefcake could
probably do the Makepkg -o 'ing and rolling and then rsync the sources
into place. Probably signing then with an autobuilder type key.
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