[Dev] Chromebook C201 wifi

Lee Strobel leestrobel at disroot.org
Sun Mar 31 10:16:33 GMT 2019

Wow. I must say, I wasn't expecting such a rant.

> i can not resist pointing out that, the only limitation you are
> considering is wireless networking; and if that computer has a USB
> port, then you have options for enabling that usage with 100% free
> software - even if your only option was to use a different kernel (it
> probably is not), that still would not prevent you from running
> the rest of the parabola system - that statement is biased from a
> viewpoint of person who uses their computer mainly for web surfing -
> that may be what most people use computers for, but it is far from
> the
> "limit" of what computers can do - for comparison, if you asked me,
> my
> view would be that most of the most useful uses of a computer do not
> require the internet or any networking; and that a laptop would never
> be any more essential than an optional luxury item in addition to my
> main desktop computer

My usage needs for this device are what they are. I also have a desktop
machine already on which I run free software. The reason I bought this
Chromebook was specifically to use it as a 'netbook', i.e. mainly for
web surfing, which is the main thing it is suited for. It doesn't have
an ethernet port, and even if it did, the main places I envisage myself
using it (my bedroom, travelling) don't have convenient ethernet access

Therefore, if it has no wifi capability, then this machine is
effectively useless (to me, at least), and I may as well throw it in
the garbage. I mean that in all seriousness. In fact, the main reason I
spent $150 on it is because the Parabola website was broadcasting to
the world: "Hey look, we have this cool new-ish netbook device that can
work with 100% free-software now!".

> to the point of your concern, if you got a USB wifi thing-a-mo-bob
> from
> think-penguin, and it does not work with parabola, then we should
> find
> out why

I agree.

> why did you send email BTW?

To start a discussion? Isn't that what mailing lists are for? The issue
on that page is 100% closed now, and I don't know how often anybody
checks it. Also, I seem to have stopped getting notification e-mails
when someone posts there, otherwise I would have noticed the other
posts about the wifi sooner.

As I mentioned in my last e-mail, I am just wondering whether the
kernel folks are aware of the issues. If not, I'd be happy to help by
posting on their mailing lists to raise awareness and/or doing some
testing to help get it working.

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