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Andreas Grapentin andreas at grapentin.org
Sun Mar 31 11:14:23 GMT 2019


On Sun, Mar 31, 2019 at 06:16:33AM -0400, Lee Strobel wrote:
> My usage needs for this device are what they are. I also have a desktop
> machine already on which I run free software. The reason I bought this
> Chromebook was specifically to use it as a 'netbook', i.e. mainly for
> web surfing, which is the main thing it is suited for. It doesn't have
> an ethernet port, and even if it did, the main places I envisage myself
> using it (my bedroom, travelling) don't have convenient ethernet access
> anyway.
> Therefore, if it has no wifi capability, then this machine is
> effectively useless (to me, at least), and I may as well throw it in
> the garbage. I mean that in all seriousness. In fact, the main reason I
> spent $150 on it is because the Parabola website was broadcasting to
> the world: "Hey look, we have this cool new-ish netbook device that can
> work with 100% free-software now!".

I agree that the news post in question (I believe you are referring to
this: https://www.parabola.nu/news/parabola-officially-supports-librebooted-asus-chromebook-c201/)
is misleading in that regard, and should probably rewritten to be more

On the other hand, incompatibilities with free software and a majority
of wifi chipsets is a known issue, even on desktops. If you are using a
desktop machine with only free software, you might have missed this, but
it is a huge concern across all portable devices, from mobile phone to
laptop (https://h-node.org/wifi/catalogue/en)

You mention that your USB wifi adapter purchased from ThinkPenguin is
acting weirdly. This is concerning, and also an issue worthy of
discussion. The adapter is using a wifi chipset that should work on
parabola, and if it doesn't we have to look into that and make it work.
Reading into the issue that was linked, I believe this is being done
right now. It might be worth considering moving this part of the
discussion into a dedicated issue to properly keep track of it.

I apologize if this list made you feel unwelcome. Sometimes a hastily
written mail under stress can sound much harsher than it was intended.
Especially across language barriers ... :)

Best Regards,
Andreas (oaken-source)

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