[Dev] [RFC] [nonsystemd] repository, packages built without systemd support

bill-auger bill-auger at peers.community
Tue May 8 22:01:44 GMT 2018

yes - im sure i am misunderstanding

so the [notsystemd] repo would allow access to all of the replacements
for things that depend on systemd - like all of the *-openrc packages

so what would actually happen when you install 'your-initfreedom'? -
will it remove systemd and all of it's dependents? if so, then what
would the user have for an init system? would it automatically install
openrc? - if not, then that is a very dangerous package to install - if
yes, then would one need to remove 'your-initfreedom' on order to
install a different init system that is neither openrc nor systemd?

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