[Dev] [RFC] [nonsystemd] repository, packages built without systemd support

Megver83 megver83 at hyperbola.info
Tue May 8 19:29:54 GMT 2018

El 08/05/18 a las 16:12, bill-auger escribió:
> you would know best how problematic is may be to keep all these
> "foo-openrc" alternatives around - the one thing i would add is that the
> other "your-whatever" meta packages off replacements for the essential
> things that they remove - in the case of your-initfreedom that would
> currently need to be everything that is now a *-openrc packages - but
> would that not make it problematic to add other inits or replace openrc
> entirely? - "anti-systemd" is not the same as "init freedom" - for
> freedom you need to be able to move freely - this sounds like locking in
> either systemd or openrc with no room for anything else

Let's clarify things: If anyone doesn't want systemd on its system,
he/she is free to remove it *completely*. Period. Current Parabola
OpenRC users have to use eudev-systemd and libeudev-systemd so packages
built for systemd can run. And any user is free to enable or disable
[nonsystemd] repo.

Second, your-initfreedom won't remove core packages. I mean, it for some
reason there's a very important package that cannot have a nonsystemd
version and has a hard-depend on systemd (which, afaik, there aren't),
of course I will not put it there. Not having systemd does not mean
breaking your system to make it disappear.

> i like the idea of trying shepherd for example - but how would that fit
> into this scheme? - if all non-systemd inits were lumped together then
> there still need to be a slew of *-openrc and *-shepherd packages
> analogous to their *-system counterparts - so maybe not much is gained
> by this practically speaking

Seems that you did not understand my proposal.

The idea of this fully-optional repo (I say this to avoid confusions) is
that the ones who which to use packages built without support for
systemd (mainly OpenRC and/or Runit users I imagine) can install them if
they want. Some packages even run systemctl and related stuff in their
pacman install scripts, sth. that's annoying for non-systemd users.

And the last but not the least: OpenRC, Runit, new inits (like Shepherd)
and initscripts *will keep on [PCR]*. [nonsystemd] is just, as I said,
like [nonprism]: not mandatory for anything and non-critical


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