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Wed Jul 18 19:02:40 GMT 2018

El 18/07/18 a las 01:17, Brett Gilio escribió:
> How exactly does one go about being considered to be a Parabola package
> maintainer?

there is a wiki article about that[1] - probably the most important criteria to tick there is the one about being around for a long time and a well known, trusted, and competent member of the parabola community

there are no hard requirements to meet; but for example, freemor is next in line to join parabola - he has been around the community for some years now and has visibly contributed to parabola already in the form of filing and triaging bug reports and general user support guidance on the IRC and mailing list

if you have experience with arch packaging and would like to help parabola , there is one task i could that would be very helpful that anyone could do - there is currently a long back-log of out-dated packages in an etherpad - it would be very helpful if someone could try building them, if only to keep note of which were trouble-free and which were problematic - even better if you could fix the ones that are problematic and post the changes to the mailing list - if this interests you, id invited you to work with freemor on that - i think that tending to that back-log is one of his stated first intentions as a parabola dev

[1]: https://wiki.parabola.nu/How_to_become_a_Parabola_hacker
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