[Dev] Package Maintaining

Brett Gilio brettg at posteo.net
Thu Jul 19 01:20:02 GMT 2018

bill-auger writes:
> there is a wiki article about that[1] - probably the most 
> important criteria to tick there is the one about being around 
> for a long time and a well known, trusted, and competent member 
> of the parabola community

Thank you for the link to the wiki article, Bill.

> there are no hard requirements to meet; but for example, freemor 
> is next in line to join parabola - he has been around the 
> community for some years now and has visibly contributed to 
> parabola already in the form of filing and triaging bug reports 
> and general user support guidance on the IRC and mailing list
> if you have experience with arch packaging and would like to 
> help
> parabola , there is one task i could that would be very helpful 
> that
> anyone could do - there is currently a long back-log of 
> out-dated
> packages in an etherpad - it would be very helpful if someone 
> could
> try building them, if only to keep note of which were 
> trouble-free and
> which were problematic - even better if you could fix the ones 
> that
> are problematic and post the changes to the mailing list - if 
> this
> interests you, id invited you to work with freemor on that - i 
> think
> that tending to that back-log is one of his stated first 
> intentions as
> a parabola dev

Absolutely, I would be more than happy to help with that back-log 
in any

Brett M. Gilio
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