[Dev] Parabolaiso r819.8041f96 release announcement

bill-auger bill-auger at peers.community
Sun Sep 24 11:46:23 GMT 2017

while updating the documentation for this (and trying to untangle the
purposes of so many git branches) i found that the current master branch
is not being used as was originally intended - the original intention
seems to be such that a '*-git' package including all ISO profiles
(directly from a git master branch) would not be possible because each
ISO profile was intended to be a separate branch

the upstream archiso did (and still does) contain both (all) of the ISO
profiles ('baseline' and 'releng') on the master branch - after a
gratuitously thorough re-branding regiment these are split into separate
'baseline' and 'master' branches in parabolaiso with the profiles being
renamed both to the generic 'profile' - i dont know why, im just saying
what happened - the original intention was for the 'master' branch to
build the CLI ISO and additionally to be the common base for all release
variants but not to be used for building any of them; instead for
release variants such as 'gnome' to be branched off of master - that is
presumably what the 'gnome' branch is - then at some later time the
'mate' and 'talkingparabola' variants were created by cloning the
'profile' directory and added directly to the master branch - this is
the reason that those are included in the pacman package along with the
generic 'profile' profile but the gnome profile is not in the package

there are additional branches 'release' and 'release-branches' that may
have been intended for the purpose of consolidating the profiles for
export - i think this is feature of the Makefile but im not quite sure
of this ATM - in any case that has not actually been done since 2013 - i
havent gone through the entire upstream merge and re-branding process
yet but from what i have seen i would say it a far more tedious and
brittle than necessary which could explain why no one has ever updated
it - for example, it changes every occurrence of 'arch' with 'parabola'
throughout the source code regardless that most of it is not user-facing
which amounts to nothing but a maintenance hassle - if it is decided to
merge with upstream, i am considering gutting the existing branch schema
entirely to restore parabolaiso to be as small of a delta from upstream
as possible - especially now that x86 support is gone and who knows what
else is missing it could be that those original patches would be very
difficult to apply

unless someone who worked on this back in 2013 can explain the
motivations for making it so different from upstream i tend to think
that is the most reasonable thing to do and would also make more sense
to have all of the build configs on the master branch ready to use and

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