[Dev] Parabolaiso r819.8041f96 release announcement

bill-auger bill-auger at peers.community
Sat Sep 23 12:34:58 GMT 2017

more reminiscent of don bluth disney flick - i thought it was quite
remarkable when i first saw it - certainly not what you would expect
from a nerdy archie distro - in it's defense, that is something that
shows that some TLC was included - i assume that has some special appeal
to non-technical users

it is quite the norm though, for a distro to have an entirely new set of
artwork for each release so ive been debating whether to reuse any of
the existing artwork yet or just let the first preview releases be crude
looking - it is a bit early to prioritize such "look-and-feel" elements
but i have been considering that too - design is another hat i wear
occasionally so those concerns are always in the back on my mind but i
always put aesthetic concerns after the practical functionality

ive begun experimenting a little with some new theming though and
evaluating any artwork i could find in the archives but there is not
much to build on - i am not nearly as talented of a "first-hand" artist
as parabola has had in the past so you could probably expect anything
100% original that i make to be more "practical" - i am quite competent
enough with the tools to make modifications to existing art works though
if the community sends contributions, but currently that is not really
an option because mostly all i can find are final mixed-down
compositions without sources - i think the one example of an SVG that is
viable for modifications is the banner for the grub menu - that features
the Gnu and Bola cat mascots and i imagined that the Linux-Libre mascot
('Freedo' the bathing penguin) should be featured there too - i asked
jxself about it yesterday and he said that it was not properly licensed
yet but he has started contacting everyone who has claimed to have
worked on it to ask them to agree on a license so that parabola can use it

btw - i found that the grub menu theme is not even on parabola servers -
the (orphaned) PCR package downloads it from github so i have been
collecting whichever essential sources i can find into a new git repo -
this will probably end up as a 'parabola-laf' package to be shared among
others like parabolaiso and calamares with any other branding, logos,
and skel files that would be useful in a graphical environment

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