[Dev] Parabolaiso r819.8041f96 release announcement

bill-auger bill-auger at peers.community
Fri Sep 22 11:41:41 GMT 2017

yes i have been working on this - i will look at the changes later and
rebase if i can - i assume that your interest in an openrc installer is
mainly for hyperbola - does this mean the two projects would be sharing
a codebase on this? - if so then we should really co-ordinate efforts so
that we do not go in opposite directions or step on each other's toes -
if that is not going to be the case then you should probably for
hyperbola hard fork now so that i can continue on the path i am on
without surprises - i wasnt aware that anyone else was working on it too
so i have simply continued working from my notabug fork and have not
pushed any of my changes yet or mentioned anything of my progress until
i had something substantial ready

as for the pacman package, it is indeed quite out of date - the one i
see is from march 2016 - but i can echo what andreas is saying that it
is simpler to build the ISO in-tree, it is something that needs to done
very rarely, and is not something any end-user will want to do ever - i
really do not see any need for parabolaiso to be packaged at all - i was
actually going to suggest the the 2 files in the parabolaiso-data
package be moved into the parabolaiso git repo and both packages could
be removed - i was considering to make a new package though just for the
branding, themes, /etc/skel files and such

as for my current progress, a new lxde-systemd ISO has been ready to go
for some time - i have not added any new ISO to the repo yet because i
wanted to have the calamares installer ready first - i have been
finishing that this week and it is ready for alpha today - i need to get
calamares into repos next and then i will re-build an ISO including it

also i recently hid the 2017-05 mate ISOs from view because people were
finding them even though they are not listed on the website and having
install trouble

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