[Dev] [consensus][due: 2017-05-01] Emulatorman's expulsion

André Silva emulatorman at riseup.net
Mon Apr 10 13:02:26 GMT 2017

Hi guys, since there was a lot of misunderstanding about the previous
discussion [0], i would share in details a private conversation between
fauno, the involved Parabola devs and me after the pad. Therefore, if
i'm to blame for all of it, then i would give the decision in the hands
of the community to decide my expulsion or still wish to stay in
Parabola, since it could be the best way to solve this issue inside our
community, therefore I won't respond more emails of this consensus.

In the private email, g4jc and me were explaining the details and
reasons about that pad, Ceata, Roumania and my proposal about open a
legal entity (offshore). [1]

I should very much like to clear up that i never had plans to make "Tax
evasion” without the devs declaring gains in their residential
countries. In one of those emails i put the following:

"Obviously, if we use only offshore without a way to declare and pay
fees and taxes in our residence countries when the money is arrived “in
our hands”, it is considered “Tax evasion”. Although numbers are
difficult to ascertain, it is widely believed that individuals in
wealthy nations unlawfully evade tax through not declaring gains made by
offshore vehicles that they own."

Some of our devs were interested about offer Services (technical
support, pentesting) and a WebStore to receive money and go toward
Parabola developers, as a way to pay their bills, food, inside Parabola,
otherwise a certain percentage go to Parabola project.

Those "secret meetings" were a proposal made by me to suggest them
prepare and fulfil their ideas before begin the consensus inside
Parabola, to the community make a decision under consensus. More details
about another things you can read in that private email [1]

Afterall, maybe is it my fault? yes or no? i don't know, i prefer keep
this decision for the community since it is its distro, not mine.

If i should be kick off from Parabola, no problem i will accept it and
i'll bring the happy memories in Parabola, without exceptions, devs and
users, in short, the community! Therefore and independent of the
consensus decision, i would to thank God, all devs, users and all people
for all, no matter our differences. If i made mistakes or bother you,
i'm so sorry!

BTW, don't fight between yourself for my fault, i wish you join forces
to go ahead together since Parabola is a wonderful distro and it need
fight for the freedom for its community!

Someday ago, i remembered about user that said me "Is it a bird? a
plane? It's Emulatorman", i would respond him "Thanks, but i'm not a
hero, i'm as mortal as anyone else, full of defects, I'm just a human,
not a machine."



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