[Dev] Some doubts about Parabola's donations

André Silva emulatorman at riseup.net
Wed Apr 5 10:30:30 GMT 2017

Hello Tiberiu,

We've received the GNUcash file [0][1] from our delegate (fauno [2])
with our current expenses, assets and profits. I have a few questions
for you, since I have some confusion and I think you could could help us
clarify. There are several users worried about our donations and gains.
We also have a policy about transparency for our community which donors
feel were neglected. Here are the questions:

* Why were all of our BTC converted to RON? I found an email about it
letting us know it was being done [3]. I remember, we agreed about it
with you for legal reasons (at that time I wasn't an investor, and
didn't understand about economics). However, I don't remember when it
was done, if it was **all** or just some of the BTC, for expense, annual
declaration, etc.

Could you let us know if there was a consensus about this and if there
are references from Romanian laws stating that it is mandatory? I
realize this was a long time ago, but it is an important question for
our community.

* What is the issue if we were to keep donations inside our bitcoin
wallet (a.k.a. "limbo") until we would declare it (eg. annual
declaration or when someone will use it for expenses) to avoid wasting
our gains?

* If all money converted from bitcoins (BTC) to RON was for legal
reasons, then why weren't our faircoins (FAIR) converted too?

* If converting our crypt-coins to any currency such as RON, is needed
we would like to receive references from Romanian laws for better
clarification and to avoid misunderstanding inside our community.
Several anon donors asked me for references in private. Could you give
us references about those points from Romanian laws?

* Why did we convert our assets to RON instead of EUR? Is it a better
currency than EUR (we have an account in EUR too)? Is it for some legal
reason? Could you give us references about this?

* We would like to receive money as paid hackers (not only for
non-profit things) since we have plans to offer services such as
technical support, pentesting, webstore, videogames, etc. Is it possible
to still do this with Ceata since you are a non-profit entity?

* If it isn't possible, then we should open a legal entity (eg.
offshore) for Parabola and declare our gains in our residential
countries or another similar legal ways (eg. micro-business), then my
question is: Could be it a trouble for you since we will receive profit
assets and your non-profit ones? Could help us giving us references from
Romanian laws to help understand it better?

* Since we have our GNUcash file already sent by fauno, could you send
to fauno all paperworks, bills, invoices, currency exchange copies
declared by Ceata about our expenses? It's very important, since
Parabola has a policy about transparency for our donations. These should
be posted on our wiki so that donors are no longer worried.



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