[Dev] Reproducible Builds

Bill Auger mr.j.spam.me at gmail.com
Thu Apr 6 12:27:17 GMT 2017

an IRC user suggested that they would like to see Parabola featured on the
reproducible-builds website and lukeshu answered that reproducibility was
indeed an active goal so i decided to look into it

i contacted some reproducible-builds team members to ask if they had a
review process and what sort of logistics were involved - in short, what it
amounts to is a script integrated into their jenkins server that
periodically downloads sources and runs verification builds then displays
the results on the web

the first thing they wanted to see understandably was some documentation of
the plan or progress to date - i unfortunately could not find anything
published regarding Parabola's efforts in this direction so i made a new
page on the Parabola wiki to serve as a jumping off point


on that page there are listed several bullet points marked as 'TODO' that
were suggested by the reproducible-builds team as a good starting point for

i am willing to help out in any way i can but at this point im not sure who
is the most knowledgeable person regarding Parabola's reproducible build
procedure - someone with that internal knowledge will need to complete at
least the first couple of TODO items in order to move forward (some
preliminary documentation - namely, to describe something about the
procedures, tools, current progress, and/or goals)
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