[Dev] Reproducible Builds

Bill Auger mr.j.spam.me at gmail.com
Sat Apr 8 10:52:58 GMT 2017

id like to clarify a bit what i think are some mis-conceptions expressed
yesterday in the IRC channel regarding reproducible builds

a jenkins server is not a requirement for this task - there is no standard
procedure or tooling to achieve reproducibility - the jenkins integration
is for the reproducible-builds.org CI server to demonstrate that packages
can be built and verified by a third-party - for the actual work each
distro is free to use whatever procedure and tools suits them for the
plainly speaking general goal of making their builds reproducible

that being said - the jenkins integration is already done - arch has been
working with them for some time and arch packages are already building on
the "reproducible-builds" CI server - also to be clear they are not the AUR
packages but the official arch packages - the next major step forward for
arch and parabola is to patch pacman to reproduce and verify builds - ive
been told that this patch is completed and nearly ready to be implemented

so there are no major technical blocks to begin - the first step for
parabola is to address the TODO: items on the wiki article - anthraxx and
the reproducible-builds team are eager to work with parabola once some
planning, competency, and/or current efforts are demonstrated publicly

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