[Dev] [Packaging] Error when compiling in clean ARMv7h chroot

Luke Shumaker lukeshu at lukeshu.com
Fri Apr 7 23:47:12 GMT 2017

On Thu, 06 Apr 2017 17:54:38 -0400,
Isaac David wrote:
> Le jeu. 6 avril 2017 à 9:30, Megver83 a écrit :
> > if I compile it in an ARMv7h machine, would it work?
> it should since the bug comes from QEMU.
> what Emulatorman suggests would allow you to create a new
> chroot so that you can build other packages, but given that
> the error is also triggered while building dagpkg you are out
> of luck building it with current QEMU, except maybe by making
> some changes.

*sigh* It sounds like /me is becoming a Qemu developer.  It's already
been on my TODO list to backport the linaro patches to modern qemu to
add support for the xattr syscalls.

Happy hacking,
~ Luke Shumaker

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