[Dev] How to build and support GRUB for Beaglebone Black?

coadde coadde at riseup.net
Sat Oct 10 14:34:41 GMT 2015

Andrei Borzenkov:
> Oh, I assumed that part was done, sorry.
> You simply load and launch GRUB binary using standard U-Boot commands.
> U-Boot must be compiled to support API as I already mentioned. GRUB may
> need to be built with adjusted load address - currently this part is
> hardcoded.
> All of this is actually documented on linaro page you already know.

I followed the document on linaro page and i've created a patch for
U-Boot adapted to launch GRUB binary using U-Boot commands [0], it's
based on our version [1] adapted to start up U-Boot only and that works

If you pay attention and compare the patches, i added "#define
CONFIG_API", "#define CONFIG_SYS_MMC_MAX_DEVICE 1" (required to launch
GRUB) and i put the U-boot command to load address "load ${devtype}
${bootpart} ${loadaddr} ${bootdir}/${grubfile}". The remaining U-boot
commands were removed in the patch since i think are useless to launch
GRUB. Could be it the problem?

> What exactly does not work in your case?

It simply don't boot (black screen) and leds don't respond.


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