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fauno fauno at endefensadelsl.org
Mon Jul 20 20:44:17 GMT 2015

André Silva <emulatorman at riseup.net> writes:

> On 07/19/2015 02:37 AM, aurelien wrote:
>> Just from History, one day Emulatorman comes to Parabola and request me
>> to build the kernel, I respond to him something like do it you are free.
>> Does that situation could happen tomorrow?
> You're right on that point too, i suggest a way to solve it after
> Parabola structuring:
> a) Create a stable version based on Manjaro (also with a stable Debian
> style) with man power with dedicated time and effort on it [0], in my
> opinion we should have payed Parabola hackers too because it should be
> focused for servers and health (eg. biological, medical fields and give
> dedicated support for libre projects like GNUHealth [1])
> With a stable version we could help GNUHealth change a paradigm: move
> away from the reactive Model of Disease, to the proactive Model of
> Health. There's a article about it [2]
> b) Our current version that is based on Arch could be maintained by
> enthusiast hackers that don't needs money for do it and/or don't have
> dedicated time (eg. it could give opportunities for hackers with amazing
> skills to test packages from [pcr] and add new cool features ways for
> Parabola like gnudmd [3])

i wouldn't like a solution like this, because it'll create the rift
between payed hackers and communitary development we discussed and
feared about a long time ago...  with a project that's more of a
product, made for professionals for the needs of their costumers, and a
pet project developed by and for the community that has bugs no one
wants to fix.

i **insist** in that if we want to accept money and start covering
hardware expenses, developer expenses, and then life expenses, we need
to do it as a community and in transparent way.  having to create a side
project with funding and dedicated people is not the way to do it :)

there's people involving a lot of their time in parabola development,
and after a while it isn't fun anymore (i did it myself!).  i'd be happy
to see them make a few bucks for that, but those bucks should be
assigned by the community if this project is going to be democratic and
fun in the future.

having said this, i don't think anyone here is acting or going to act in
bad faith, and i've seen emulatorman help a lot of new hackers even
though he's also pushing for people to be paid and doing most of the

this is a community project but sometimes it feels like one committed
person pulls most of the weight, so please don't forget that ;)

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