[Dev] [issue420] [iceweasel-libre] change it to package [xulrunner]

Michał Masłowski (Parabola Issue Tracker) bugs at parabolagnulinux.org
Mon Feb 13 15:17:56 GMT 2012

New submission from Michał Masłowski:

Our xulrunner package uses firefox as source, the reasons for not including
firefox might apply to its source.

Changing our iceweasel-libre PKGBUILD to also build xulrunner (Debian does this)
will also allow easily building it on mips64el.

keyword: mips64el, unfree
messages: 1585
nosy: dev_list, mtjm
priority: urgent
status: unread
title: [iceweasel-libre] change it to package [xulrunner]

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