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Michał Masłowski (Parabola Issue Tracker) bugs at parabolagnulinux.org
Mon Feb 13 14:50:10 GMT 2012

New submission from Michał Masłowski:

The README states:

The program is released into the public domain.  Only the considerate
will leave credit for the author.

	Mark M Martin. mmm at cetia.fr  sep 1992.

There is no explicit permission for copying or modifying it.  Is it known if the
author could release it into the public domain? 
https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Talk:Features/TeXLiveLegalAudit#Public_Domain and
the ".fr" in author's email address suggest otherwise.

keyword: unfree
messages: 1583
nosy: dev_list, mtjm
priority: urgent
status: unread
title: [unclutter] public domain

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