[Dev] Update of web site code (parabolaweb)

Luke T.Shumaker lukeshu at sbcglobal.net
Thu Dec 1 04:50:34 GMT 2011

OK, I got the old version working great with MySQL MyISAM. I have two
comments about it:
 * As far as I can tell, DEBUG needs to be true for /media to
   work. WTF?
 * Bug: `media/silhouette.png' should be at

I then upgraded it to the Johannes'/my new version. This version is
NOT ready to be deployed. Everything works great, except viewing a
single package, for which it 500s. This does appear to be a bug with
our code.

Info/Stack trace:
http://dpaste.com/664189/ (before deps update)
http://dpaste.com/664190/ (after deps update)
(that's cool, it gave me a button to click to automagically post it to

Steps to be taken when upgrading:
 * git pull/checkout
 * remove .pyc files (cause weird bugs if they don't get purged)
 * $ ./manage.py migrate
 * $ for file in */fixtures/*.json; do ./manage.py loaddata $file; done
 * pip install -r requirements_prod.txt
   This is to update Django and other deps, but doesn't appear to be
   nescessary. What changed:
    * Django 1.3 => 1.3.1
    * pyinotify (new)
    * pytz 2011c => 2011n

I'll go ahead and move silhouette.png in my copy, and try to fix the
package pages.

My copy: https://gitorious.org/parabolaweb/parabolaweb

~ Luke Shumaker

PS: In my test configuration, I have the environment in a separate
directory (/srv/http/web-env, where the install is at
/srv/http/web). I'm guessing from a few stray files in git that on the
server you set up the environment in the same directory. Since I
removed the stray files from git in my, they will be deleted when you
pull. That would be bad. Migrating the environment to a separate
directory before then would probably be a good idea. (To be clear, I'm
not saying you should change because I deleted the files, I'm saying
you should change because you should have the env separate)

At Wed, 30 Nov 2011 22:02:34 -0500,
Luke T.Shumaker wrote:
> At Thu, 1 Dec 2011 00:00:07 +0100,
> Johannes Krampf wrote:
> > Just a short note: If you set debug to True in local settings, media
> > URLs should work automatically.
> So is it nescessary to set DEBUG=True in order for /media to work? That
> sounds like a bug. How is DEBUG set on the main server?
> > My tests were done with sqlite3, I got the same errors with innodb as
> > Luke. I haven't tried with postgres or myisam. I could successfully
> > run the server, but I had no fixtures loaded for my limited tests.
> Now I've tried MySQL MyISAM with DEBUG=true, and discovered that I get
> the same stacktrace as I did with sqlite3, so that appears to be
> something else I fouled up in between (sqlite3 was the last thing I
> did yesterday).
> ~ Luke Shumaker 

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