[Assist] Parabola on Ben Nanonote?

Binh-Khoi Nguyen khoi at bknguyen.be
Tue Jan 27 17:53:40 GMT 2015


Thank you for your reply. Basically I just want a free distribution (or 
Debian), and the more convenient the better.

I tried installing Debian once but I couldn't really upgrade to recent 
software (I think I had a problem when I did a dist-upgrade).

Does LibreCMC has a package management system? I basically just want a 
recent version of vim, vifm, mutt, and calcurse.


On Tue, Jan 27, 2015 at 11:09:34AM -0500, zach wick wrote:
>On Tue, Jan 27, 2015 at 12:10:42PM +0000, Binh-Khoi Nguyen wrote:
>> Hey,
>> I was wondering if anyone had a Ben Nanonote and if it's possible to install
>> Parabola on it.
>> The people at LibreWRT told me that LibreWRT hadn't been updated for a very
>> long time and that it wasn't recommended for security reasons.
>I have a Ben Nanonote that I run Debian on without any issues. I also
>know that LibreCMC [0] will run on the Nanonote.
>If your intention with running Parabola on the Nanonote is a
>completely free computing environment, then LibreCMC will satisfy that
>requirement. LibreCMC is even endorsed by the Free Software Foundation
>as a Free GNU/Linux distro.
>[0] http://librecmc.org

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