[Dev] Creating a neutered geoclue for [nonprism]

bill-auger bill-auger at peers.community
Mon Nov 18 14:27:24 GMT 2019

just a little mini-rant to make it clear to everyone that geoclue
is about 1% of the perceived problem - pacman shows this
relatively small number of clients:

empathy  gnome-clocks gnome-initial-setup  gnome-maps
gnome-settings-daemon gnome-weather  pantheon-calendar  qreator
redshift viking xdg-desktop-portal

FWIW, geoclue is just the favored freedesktop abstraction and
is adopted mainly by gnome, as it pretty clear from that
dependents list - there are countless goelocation services
though, that require nothing but a generic HTTP client; and
surely the majority of applications that have such a feature use
a leaner zero-dependency method - the calamares implementation
for example, is basically as simple as this:

$ curl https://geoip.kde.org/v1/ubiquity

to address the situation fundamentally, the only real solution
is to educate people on how to observe their network traffic,
steps to resolves each IP to some identifiable service, and
steps to block requests to unidentified IPs - the dowse tool
from dyne.org is intended to simplify that - i havent tried it
myself; but i expect it begins with extremely limited internet
access, until one learns to manage the whitelist/blacklist, or
however it works - of course, like freedom-box, even such
well-intentioned, semi-user-friendly tools have the typical
adoption problem of convincing people to hack their router,
and/or operate their own services

surely. none of that was particularly enlightening to freemor -
i just wanted to put it out there for the sake of full disclosure
 - theres only so much that a distro can reasonably do on behalf
of its users - beyond that, folks who want more computing freedom
and privacy will need to take their machines into their own
hands, to some non-trivial degree

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