[Dev] Creating a neutered geoclue for [nonprism]

bill-auger bill-auger at peers.community
Mon Nov 18 14:56:23 GMT 2019

i cant help but to credit calamares as a shining example of an
application that addresses such "anti-features", which some
people would like and others would not, by giving the end-user
maximal control over the program - everything that can possibly
be deferred until run-time is configurable by the user via simple
YAML files - not only is the geo-location feature not a
hard-dependency; it is not even a compile-time option - each
user can easily enable/disable it regardless of how calamares was
compiled, or define a custom service provider, before launching
the program - users can even disable the entire locale module, or
any others, as they please; and the program would run happily to
completion, only leaving the target system without the locale

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