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Sun May 27 22:17:58 GMT 2018

El 27/05/18 a las 10:36, joinlaw escribió:
> hi
> why parabola replaces consolekit with elogind
> instead of Consolekit2 https://github.com/ConsoleKit2/ConsoleKit2
> i know guix is using elogind but what is gentoo using.
> elogind seems bloated replaces consolekit & pm-utils
> so what the benfit for elogind over Consolekit2.
> all the best
> joinlaw
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I'd suggest to first read and then ask.


"Since /sbin/init was replaced with openrc-init, shutdown was replaced
with openrc-shutdown, Consolekit doesn't work correctly and you need to
use elogind instead"

And elogind is not bloated, it's extracted from systemd-logind, yes, but
it does it job, without going further.

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