[Dev] Consolekit2

joinlaw joinlaw at cock.li
Tue May 29 14:14:04 GMT 2018

hi again!

i did ask gentoo users in #gentoo about consolekit2
and they tell me that is that default session/login manager
for gentoo and they did says that openrc-init & openrc-shutdown
is not the default setup for openrc but arch derivatives chose to
that option to set it up that way.

is that set up taken from manjaro or arch-openrc or parabola dev's
chose that setup.

Maybe you can make patched version of consolekit2 to work with
your setup but as they tell me the upstream consolekit2 work
with gentoo without changes.

even if elogind is the default can you put consolekit2 in the repo
or support it.

happy hacking!

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