[Dev] Is Iridium safe to use?

bill-auger bill-auger at peers.community
Sat Mar 3 01:38:59 GMT 2018

there is no point to scrutinize iriduim (or ungoogled or any other
derived browser) - their codebase is probably 99% similar to chromium;
so if any of these have licensing issues it would be most likely what
they derive from chromium - i would not begin to look at derivatives or
qtwebengine until the issues with chromium are fully understood

if actual notable problems are discovered in chromium, then
the next step would be to report them to the chromium team - if chromium
fixes the problem, then all down-streams will surely take the fix
without question

once the chromium search is completed exhaustively and no problems are
found, or if problems were found and reported, but refused or neglected,
then and only then it may be worthwhile to compare the results against
derived browsers and qtwebengine and ask them to fix the problems in
their forks

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