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fauno fauno at endefensadelsl.org
Sat Apr 28 15:04:16 GMT 2018

bill-auger <bill-auger at peers.community> writes:

> as some may have noticed, ive tweaked the redmine site a bit this week
> and brought it's code up to date with the latest upstream release - it
> was a number of years worth of commits added so watch for problems
> redmine is now forked onto parabola git server if anyone want to fiddle
> with it - it was apparently running from an unstable git branch on
> github that no longer exists - it is now running from the 'parabola'
> branch; which is the latest tagged release '3.4-stable' with the
> parabola customizations rebased onto it

great, thanks!

> it seems that normal users had a bit too much privilege such as the
> ability to re-assign issues - i went through the permissions matrix
> thoroughly and set all groups to something reasonable - "hacker" and
> "community" have full permissions on all trackers and normal users now
> are able only to open and close their own issues and comment on others
> one other small functional change is that only the "assignee" is able
> to mark an issue as "fixed" - but still any "hacker" or "community" can
> mark them as "invalid"
> i also added handy "my issues" and "all recent issues" links to the
> navbar and a more informative landing page to replace the less than
> informative completely empty one that was there (or not there)
> we may want to discuss the re-assigning of roles "hacker" and
> "community" - these are currently nearly the same set but not exactly;
> and many in the set are not officially active according to hackers.git
> - maybe inactive former devs should be moved to community even if the
> permissions are currently the same - one very practical reason to do
> that would be so that the issues assignment select options would not be
> so un-necessarily populous - have different permissions sets may be
> something else to discuss

this is a political decision we made back in the beginning of parabola
(the archive of that mailing list should be somewhere in our backups?):
parabola is a democratic project, so there's no special privileges for
hackers other than being able to push work into server, but decisions
should be made with the community (aka this list and perhaps the irc

so iirc, when we set up redmine (after passing by 2 or 3 issue trackers
that were ridiculously more difficult to use than redmine), those two
roles followed along.

> finally, the rails log file is 6.5 GB - it may be wise to delete this -
> should it be backed up first?

maybe put a logrotate conf to it?  i don't think it's needed anyway

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