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Mon Apr 23 19:23:24 GMT 2018

El 23/04/18 a las 03:37, Andreas Grapentin escribió:
> Hi everyone,
> in the last few weeks / months I started running integrity checks on our
> package repositories such as:
>  - checks whether one of our packages is behind in version number
>    compared to an upstream arch package of the same name
>  - checks whether we have packages that appear to not have a pkgbuild
>    anymore
>  - checks whether packages list unsupported arches in the arch array
>  - checks whether packages in the repository are behind in version
>    number when compared to the version specified in the pkgbuild (i.e.
>    when the pkgbuild is updated, but the builds were not released)
> Note: If you are interested in having additional checks run, or have a
> cool idea how to improve any of the above, please let me know.
> Now the cool part: I am at the point where I can automate running these
> checks daily, creating a backlog of "repository smells" that anyone with
> a bit of time on their hands can take a look at.
> the link to the "backlog" (just an etherpad, in reality) is here:
> https://pad.riseup.net/p/ParabolaOutOfDate
> For anyone going through these, I propose the following triage approach:
>  - if it's trivial to fix, just fix it
>  - if it's broken, but could be fixed with a reasonable amount of work,
>    and no issue already exists, create an issue to track it. add all
>    the details you found out to the issue.
>  - if it's broken beyond repair, create an issue to track it, and
>    discuss on the mailing list (I'm afraid we have a couple of those)
> I might also start to track the development of the *number* of these
> issues in our repositories, so that we can get a feeling for how they
> develop (hopefully decreasing) :)
> Have fun,
> -A (oaken-source)
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