[Dev] automated package repository linter and backlog

Andreas Grapentin andreas at grapentin.org
Mon Apr 23 06:37:54 GMT 2018

Hi everyone,

in the last few weeks / months I started running integrity checks on our
package repositories such as:

 - checks whether one of our packages is behind in version number
   compared to an upstream arch package of the same name
 - checks whether we have packages that appear to not have a pkgbuild
 - checks whether packages list unsupported arches in the arch array
 - checks whether packages in the repository are behind in version
   number when compared to the version specified in the pkgbuild (i.e.
   when the pkgbuild is updated, but the builds were not released)

Note: If you are interested in having additional checks run, or have a
cool idea how to improve any of the above, please let me know.

Now the cool part: I am at the point where I can automate running these
checks daily, creating a backlog of "repository smells" that anyone with
a bit of time on their hands can take a look at.

the link to the "backlog" (just an etherpad, in reality) is here:

For anyone going through these, I propose the following triage approach:

 - if it's trivial to fix, just fix it
 - if it's broken, but could be fixed with a reasonable amount of work,
   and no issue already exists, create an issue to track it. add all
   the details you found out to the issue.
 - if it's broken beyond repair, create an issue to track it, and
   discuss on the mailing list (I'm afraid we have a couple of those)

I might also start to track the development of the *number* of these
issues in our repositories, so that we can get a feeling for how they
develop (hopefully decreasing) :)

Have fun,
-A (oaken-source)


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