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Eliot Reyna eliotreyna at cock.email
Fri Sep 15 04:58:21 GMT 2017

I don't understand why the need of change the Iceweasel name if both (name and logo) are licensed with the MPL 2.0 license and complies perfectly to the main principles of the original Iceweasel that actually is GNU IceCat.

However, Debian kept the Iceweasel branch due to the conflicts with the DFSG. Nowdays, Mozilla is more dependent to the W3C standards that recently allowed the implementations of the DRM technologies approved by the W3C.

So, why the need of change the name? So far, there's no an official fork of Mozilla focused in the release branch, and keep the Iceweasel name brings a reminder of the ideal of freedom on the Internet browsing. What if we discuss with the GNU IceCat commumity for add to Iceweasel and Icedove in the GNUzilla project?

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</div>bill-auger wrote :
> if you really wanted to change the name but preserve the art [...]

the point was to change the artwork with an easy-to-deploy hack.
i'd still prefer to see the name actually changed.

Isaac David
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