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Andreas Grapentin andreas at grapentin.org
Fri Oct 27 07:54:13 GMT 2017

Hi Ben,

Sorry to see you go under these circumstances. Firstly, I want to
reassure you that I can understand your frustration given the way things
went. However, I don't appreciate the language used in your last email
towards our fellow hackers. This reflects badly on the community as a
whole, and I would like to see discussions on this list remain on a more
professional level.

Now, that being said, I talked to bill-auger on IRC and he insisted that
he does not hold any grudge or ill feelings or any negativity against
you or your work. The hackers and the community very much appreciate
your work as an artist and your contributions to the project. However,
if parabola is operating as a professional free distribution of
GNU/Linux, there is a certain set of rules we need to follow *to the
letter* if we want to avoid legal trouble. This includes observing the
terms dictated by the licenses of third party work we use, and
especially give attribution where it is required. As far as I understand
(and correct me please if I am wrong) you failed to do so. This was the
issue bill-auger was trying to address.

I can empathize that these legalese restrictions and the delay that was
introduced in the current situation are suboptimal and frustrating, and
I can also understand that it might have seemed as if we were trying to
antagonize you, but in reality, we are bound by law. However, I feel
like these issues should have been better communicated towards you, and
I would like to apologize that things have escalated as they did due to

All of that having been said, I would like to stress that you are of
course welcome back anytime, if you decide to continue your work as a
parabola artist, and we will gladly help you with any questions
regarding licensing terms and proper attribution.

All the best in your future work,


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