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bill-auger bill-auger at peers.community
Thu Oct 26 17:30:19 GMT 2017

sry you feel that way bud - these are not my rules - they are actually
the law in most places of the world - even if the image was indeed FDL
licensed, you must comply with the terms of the license - in the case of
the FDL, it requires among other things giving attribution to the
original authors, noting changes, and providing a copy of the FDL
license - and the GNU FSDG says that parabola must ensure that
everything it distributes meets the strictest licensing requirements -
parabola has been known to remove programs when there is the smallest
doubt about its legitimacy

if anyone is interested, i just asked jxself for an update regarding
freedo - this was his response:

  <jxself> I have asked around and it eventually went up to RMS in order
to find out a general GNU policy for the licensing of trademarks.
  <jxself> He says it's being worked on (slowly) and that I should ask
again in January.

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