[Dev] merging the artwork git repos

bill-auger bill-auger at peers.community
Fri Oct 13 02:18:34 GMT 2017

Luke -

i like the professionalism of those concerns but in this case there may
not be very much at stake

regarding "The normal solution": i suspect that all such external links
are on the parabola wiki so they should be easy to locate even without
waiting for someone to hit them and consulting the server logs

regarding "The better solution": as for the 'pac' repo there was only
ever one person who pushed to that repo and that person no longer has
access - correct? - so blindly deleting those two should be no trouble
at all as far as git access is concerned - that leaves only the
'artwork' repo as potentially problematic - but much the same i think
that you were the only one who has pushed to that in the past - so
probably dead links would be the only concern for either

also my concern was mainly in making the cgit main page easier to
eye-scrub (maybe even removing the repos marked "obsolete") - so there
is a third trivial option that is just to supress the duplicate and
orphaned entries from the cgit main page until a real solution is

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