[Dev] feedback for Parabola beta ISOs

bill-auger bill-auger at peers.community
Fri Oct 13 01:56:06 GMT 2017

El 12/10/17 a las 01:24, Ben Gailly escribió:
> Should I start trying to make a theme and maybe an icon pack for lxde
> instead of mate 

mate and LXDE use the same themes - they are the standard GTK2/GTK3
pairs - i suspect the reason that the parabola theme is broken in the
new version of mate is that they switched to GTK3 and perhaps the
parabola theme was made only for GTK2 - if that is the case then it will
work in LXDE as is

there exists themes galore though - so that is not so urgent - the one
thing that we do not have any example of is a slideshow for calamares -
that is the first task i would take up if i were wearing my designer hat

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