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Megver83 megver83 at hyperbola.info
Thu Oct 12 22:59:27 GMT 2017

El 12/10/17 a las 01:24, Ben Gailly escribió:
> Hi !
> That's great! I will start testing it as soon as possible !
> Should I start trying to make a theme and maybe an icon pack for lxde
> instead of mate because of the release article saying that Parabola will
> move to Lxde default desktop in replacement of Mate (which I never
> successfully installed from the installer, but manually.) ?

The installation scripts from the LXDE+OpenRC ISO is not in a production
state - I'm working in that while bill-auger does with Calamares -

And yes, a "Paraboler" theme for LXDE would be awesome (there is one for
MATE that is horrible but you can take it a look if you want). BTW, that
remembers me to change the default wallpaper.

> As it's going through OpenRC and Lxde, I think I'll make a little set of
> wallpapers, frames and maybe banners.. :-)

Yep, would be awesome to have two similar wallpapers, one with sth. like
"Parabola GNU/Linux-libre OpenRC Edition" and another with the same but
"Systemd" instead of "OpenRC". The font of Parabola is URW Gothic, fyi.

> On 10/12/2017 12:39 AM, Megver83 wrote:
>> Hi all, I've written a new:
>> https://www.parabola.nu/news/new-openrc-and-lxde-isos/
>> I'd like that users give us (bill-auger and me) feedback of these ISOs,
>> as we have discovered some issues, but we want to improve them as much
>> as we can (should not take us more than a moth).
>> Download:
>> https://wiki.parabola.nu/Get_Parabola#Preview.2FBeta_Releases
>> Cheers,
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