[Dev] Parabola GNU/Linux-libre OpenRC Edition ISOs are ready

bill-auger bill-auger at peers.community
Sun Oct 1 20:39:59 GMT 2017

IMHO i would not have released it with that bug, not even as a demo - i
mean what is the point of a "desktop environment" without the "desktop"?
- that is the only reason that a new Mate ISO was not released back in
May - it actually was available for about 2 days but when we gave up
trying to fix it, andreas removed it from the downloads page because it
is not production ready in that condition - i added a new section to the
downloads page though for preview releases - seeing as the openRC ISO
has a known severe bug it certainly qualifies as a "beta preview
release" so i will list them there

please do let us get in sync on this project before anything diverges

did you see my last message about using separate branches and merging
with upstream? do you have thoughts about that?

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