[Dev] Is it possible to compile multiple packages at the same time with libremakepkg?

Isaac David isacdaavid at isacdaavid.info
Tue May 23 16:33:00 GMT 2017

Megver83 wrote:
> Isaac David wrote:
>>  if so, I don't think you would gain much from
>>  having many packages compile at the same time, given that all of 
>> your
>>  cores are already in use for the longest time.
> But it is possible?

I think so, and you don't need a new libretools to achieve it imo.
just create a second chroot with librechroot (use the -n flag to
distinguish them by name), launch separate parallel libremakepkg
instances in each of them (-n flag again), and measure time spent vs
two libremakepkg instances run in series.

Isaac David
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