[Dev] Is it possible to compile multiple packages at the same time with libremakepkg?

Megver83 megver83 at openmailbox.org
Tue May 23 14:33:00 GMT 2017

Hi, as a package maintainer, I was thinking on why libremakepkg can't
compile multiple packages at the same time, because for me, as a
maintainer of some kernels, it would be much more efficient and fast if
I could do that. What I do is to compile with 2 different machines (one
is x86 and the other is ARM). We maintain many kernels, so why couldn't
libremakepkg compile multiple packages simultaneously? That would save a
lot of time, in one day I could have ready like 7 kernels, but actually
with one PC that's only possible in one week (without counting the 3
architectures we support)

I say this particularly about the linux-libre compilation, in my PC it
takes several hours, and in my SBC it's like the double. If there's a
way to do that, I'd be very thankful to know.

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