[Dev] Wiki page of Pacman Troubleshooting (because of the recent problems with devs keys)

Marcel Röthke marcel at roethke.info
Fri Apr 28 17:46:46 GMT 2017

On 28.04.2017 14:41, Megver83 wrote:
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> Hi everyone, I just wrote
> https://wiki.parabola.nu/Pacman_troubleshooting so for the ones who
> have problems with keys see
> https://wiki.parabola.nu/Pacman_troubleshooting#Errors_about_Keys
> This should also appear in Parabola news, since the commands given
> there are incorrect. It's better to give the link to this wiki page.
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Sorry, but what you are suggesting in the wiki can not be called a
solution in my honest opinion.
Packages are signed to ensure that they are coming from a trusted
source. Which in turn allows me to trust my system. Allowing distrusted
packages to install breaks that trust, requiring a reinstall to rebuild
it. Because there is no straightforward way to be certain that nothing
malicious found it's way onto the system.

I furthermore think that it is quite concerning to provide that as a
solution. Especially considering parabolas context as a distribution
that only provides free software. Which among other things is about trust.

In my opinion the only viable solution to this problem is providing a
fixed parabola-keyring package that is signed by an already trusted key.
And maybe even to stop doing automatic builds for the package that
basically is the foundation of trust for parabola

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