[Dev] About non-monetary donations

André Silva emulatorman at riseup.net
Fri Apr 21 21:23:40 GMT 2017

On 04/21/2017 09:12 PM, Tiberiu-Cezar Tehnoetic wrote:
> That's a lot of money for under 0.5kg. From 35 to 70 EUR for Americas
> and Europe. That's 300-400% more than with Correo.
> Three weeks ago you mentioned that you can donate 100 CHF (93 EUR) from
> your Swiss bank account, but now you say you can't afford to pay 15 EUR
> in advance and get reimbursed few days later.

Since Luke couldn't receive my donation and otherwise he needed a VPN
service for him, i paid his service with that donation for 2 years.

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