[Dev] Unknown monetary donations

André Silva emulatorman at riseup.net
Fri Apr 21 13:38:15 GMT 2017

Hi guys,

Those donations were made by a donor (anon_nor) as private ones for my
family's basic needs, then i could continue contribute fulltime in
Parabola, since i don't have job.

I asked fauno some time ago (in #parabola channel) if i could add my
private donations that helped contribute in Parabola as acknowledgement
for him and fauno suggested me add them as "personal donation" in the
commits, see revision history of Donations for further details [0].

I also wish to thank to anon_nor for his private donations to help my
family and fauno for give me the chance to add those private donations
at the Donation page as acknowledgement for anon_nor to helping my
family's basic needs to continue contribute in Parabola fulltime.

Thanks very much guys for all helping!



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