[Dev] About non-monetary donations

Tiberiu-Cezar Tehnoetic tct at ceata.org
Thu Apr 20 21:58:37 GMT 2017

On 20.04.2017 23:53, André Silva wrote:
> Hi guys, let's check the non-monetary donations :)

I guess we should be thankful that you have decided to show up and
answer to the community for the Parabola hardware still in your possession.

You wanted to leave everything "in order" before you leave, so you
deleted free software repositories, deleted free artwork and vandalized
the wiki of the project, but didn't take the time to arrange for the
shipping of Parabola hardware that you have in your possession.

> * 2x BeagleBone Black rev.C

> 1 not 2 since the another one was shipped to another dev a couple of
> months ago. I suggest ask about who was the another Beaglebone Black
> donor for further details.

You have added yourself this donation to the Parabola wiki:


There should be no mystery about it, since it's a public document and
you have declared it as donation. Who has the second BBB? Please
respond. If the donor is not reachable, it doesn't mean a dev gets to
keep it without the community to know about it.

> * 1x C.H.I.P.
> * 1x Dell Latitude 2110
> * 1x Netgear WNA1100
> It was donated by Luke .R (Gaming4JC) and paid from his own pocket

So is any other donation to Parabola. Paid from the donor's pocket. I
fail to see your argument. You need to hand over this Parabola hardware
too. The hardware belongs to Parabola, not Gaming4JC and donations to
non-profit projects are not refundable.

> * 1x 220V-110V converter
> It was donated by Parabola community as replacement since my converter
> exploded inside FISL17 event. :(

Needs to be returned too. It wasn't Parabola hardware that was broken.
It was your personal hardware. It was your choice to use your personal
converter for Parabola.

Don't forget about this adapter:

> * 1x AC power adapter 2P 10A

It's in the GNUcash file marked with FISL17.

> * 1x Kingston 8 GB microSDHC card class 4
> * 1x Kingston 16 GB microSDHC card class 4
> * 1x generic AC/DC adapter model YDH500300A
> I don't know about those devices, since it weren't donated for coadde or
> me. I suggest ask about who was the donor for further details.

I disagree. You have publicly declared this donation on the wiki:


You need to tell the community who has the BBB, SD cards and the rest of
accessories. If the donor is not reachable, it doesn't mean you can keep
a secret about this donation *you* have declared.

> i need your help to pay the shipment fees to ship it for the 
> Parabola's dev decided by you.

I'm sure this can be arranged. You need tell us the weight and price
estimation for shipping all the Parabola hardware in your possession.

> Regards and waiting for your response as soon as possible,

Our response has always been prompt. You need not to worry about that.


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