[Dev] About non-monetary donations

André Silva emulatorman at riseup.net
Thu Apr 20 20:53:50 GMT 2017

Hi guys, let's check the non-monetary donations :)

* 2x BeagleBone Black rev.C

One of them was donated by Robofun through Ceata's sponsorship [0]

Note: Coadde has received 1 Beaglebone only that was donated by Robofun
[0], not 2 since the another one was shipped to another dev a couple of
months ago. I suggest ask about who was the another Beaglebone Black
donor for further details.

* 5x Jumper DuPont wire
* 1x FT232R USB UART device
* 1x USB-miniUSB cable

It was donated by Parabola community to buy it in Robofun for the
Beaglebone donated by Robofun. [0]

* 1x C.H.I.P.
* 1x Dell Latitude 2110
* 1x Netgear WNA1100

It was donated by Luke .R (Gaming4JC) and paid from his own pocket [1],
therefore i suggest you ask him about it.

* 1x 220V-110V converter

It was donated by Parabola community as replacement since my converter
exploded inside FISL17 event. :(

* 1x Kingston 8 GB microSDHC card class 4
* 1x Kingston 16 GB microSDHC card class 4
* 1x AC power adapter 2P 10A
* 1x generic AC/DC adapter model YDH500300A

I don't know about those devices, since it weren't donated for coadde or
me. I suggest ask about who was the donor for further details.

Please, let me know if those hardware devices donated by the community
were donated for Parabola only or was a personal donation to coadde to
help in Parabola.

If it was donated for Parabola only, then i need your help to pay the
shipment fees to ship it for the Parabola's dev decided by you.

Regards and waiting for your response as soon as possible,


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