[Dev] Proposals for Fiscal Sponsor Successor

Tiberiu-Cezar Tehnoetic tct at ceata.org
Thu Apr 20 07:04:04 GMT 2017

On 20.04.2017 09:55, Tiberiu-Cezar Tehnoetic wrote:
> On 20.04.2017 08:40, Quiliro wrote:
>>> Ceata is considering extending the agreement with Parabola for
>>> another year if all the devs that have created problems leave the
>>> project.
>> However advantageous the conditions are with Ceata, I would suggest,
>> for the good of Ceata and of Parabola, not to continue with the
>> agreement. The best would be to end it in good terms. The problems
>> could come up again and again because bad feelings never will heal
>> unless there is good will. And that is very difficult considering the
>> past actions.
> Is it possible that by "past actions" you refer to some your own people
> 1) undemocratically and privately asking for a tone of money from the
> Parabola fund for hardware they want to use and keep for themselves even
> after they leave the project,
> 2) dismissing the delegate's concerns about these big expenses unknown
> to the community, by labeling them as "unnecessary drama",
> 3) sabotaging the relationship with the fiscal sponsor, by unjustly and
> publicly accusing the fiscal sponsor of misusing the Parabola funds,

I forgot to mention, with the objective of having the Parabola funds
transferred to an offshore that they personally control! Are you kidding
me? Do they have any limit?

> 4) building a faction inside the project, recruiting fellow devs that
> don't know both sides of the story,
> 5) vandalizing the wiki and repos, deleting free cultural works and free
> software from the project, before they leave.
>> More maturity is needed and less ping pong hitting each
>> other between players. Until such maturity is reached, it will happen
>> again and again. And I am not writting about one side only. A fight is
>> not with only one fighter.
> I guarantee you that if G4JC doesn't follow his comrade Emulatorman and
> leaves the project, the same issues will happen with the next fiscal
> sponsorship. And an agreement extension with Ceata is out of the table
> if G4JC stays.
> Until your own people won't start respecting agreements with 3rd parties
> that have been approved by the community with consensus, Parabola will
> continue to have problems raising and spending funds.
> You're talking about maturity? Maturity means following protocol and
> respecting agreements. I don't have the time to teach you that, although
> I patiently tried. Nobody has time to teach you that!
> On 20.04.2017 08:23, Quiliro wrote:
>> I suggest the next fiscal sponsor is an organization that has someone
>> with good human relationship skills in their team. That is basic for
>> avoiding conflicts.
> Please, show some maturity and start drafting the proposal to be sent to
> FSIJ. Or to other sponsor candidate, for that matter.
>> I don't think all of us have these types of skills. But where money is
>> handled, I think it is a must because all of us are in need and it is a
>> tacky issue in our subconcious. The money issue is always difficult,
>> specially when it is not maturely dealt with. The best thing is to avoid
>> it all together, in my opinion. But, if there must be a fiscal sponsor,
>> it must be someone or an organization with someone that has great
>> diplomacy besides the obvious honesty. 
> Start doing actual work if you want things to run better in your project
> and in the relantionship with 3rd parties. That's the mature thing to do.
> Tiberiu
> P.S. I prefer being straight with people I care about. Diplomacy is just
> another word for manipulation.

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