[Dev] Q1: Do you have a consensus on the budget for the Build Server?

Tiberiu-Cezar Tehnoetic tct at ceata.org
Tue Apr 18 23:31:56 GMT 2017

On 18.04.2017 00:38, Luke wrote:
> On 04/14/2017 05:44 PM, fauno wrote:
>> Josh Branning <lovell.joshyyy at gmail.com> writes:
>>> Really, it's up to GC4J to choose to what entity the build server will 
>>> be donated to, if it is to be donated.
>> so a few issues to be solved:
>> * is g4jc build server donation a donation to parabola or to
>>   emulatorman?
> The donation is intended for Emulatorman (since he is currently the one
> maintaining kernels and has access to fiber). Assuming that Emulatorman
> remains with Parabola (current consensus seems that way), it will
> benefit Parabola which still is the intention.

This means that donation is for Emulatorman, not for Parabola. Should
Emulatorman decide to not use that personal donation for Parabola, which
he just did by announcing he quits the project, it means that the server
will not be used for Parabola at all.

>> * if it's a donation to parabola, do we give it to emulatorman to host
>>   or some other parabola hacker could host it instead?
>> * do we want to pay the shipment price?  does it still amount to 400
>>   USD?
> Since it will be shipping within the US the shipping does not equal $400
> USD. It should cost < $300.

Do you honestly believe that Parabola would reach a consensus to pay
this expensive shipping cost for a server that it's not a donation to
the project, but a personal donation to one of its hackers?

> In any case, it is my understanding that the money is temporarily
> 'frozen' until a new sponsor is found. So, I will pay for the shipping.

Please stop spreading fear, uncertainty and doubt (FUD). You've been
doing this for over a month now.

According to the fiscal sponsorship agreement (approved by consensus),
which is publicly available and has been linked here many times, the
Parabola fund is frozen only if/after 2 months have passed without a
Fiscal Sponsor Successor. And once the next sponsor is approved by both
parties (Parabola and Ceata), the funds are transferred to that sponsor.

That means that until June 5th the Parabola funds can be used, of course.


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