[Dev] Q1: Do you have a consensus on the budget for the Build Server?

Josh Branning lovell.joshyyy at gmail.com
Fri Apr 14 19:58:24 GMT 2017

>> Answer to Q1:
>> Budget cost for build server to Ceata and community = $0.00
> You have asked for partial funding from the Parabola fund handled by
> Ceata, although you have disregarded Parabola Social Contract,
> Ceata-Parabola Fiscal Sponsorship Agreement and Parabola's Delegate.
> And please note that if you make a personal fully-funded donation, you
> still need the approval of the community to accept the donation.
> Otherwise, it's just a donation to Emulatorman and can't be mentioned on
> the Donations wiki page of the Parabola community.

Really, it's up to GC4J to choose to what entity the build server will 
be donated to, if it is to be donated.

I wouldn't be surprised, after all this stuff that's happened, if it 
were to turn out to be a donation to Emulatorman, instead of Parabola, 
because lets be honest, not exactly all in the community have been nice. 
Because of that, I think GC4J has the express right to put two fingers 
up to Parabola because of this, if he so desires. Of course he can, 
because he paid for the build server himself.

On the other hand, I don't speak for all of the community, but I think 
most would accept the donation of a build server with open arms if they 
were given the option.


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