[Dev] Q1: Do you have a consensus on the budget for the Build Server?

Stig Roar srw at openmailbox.org
Fri Apr 14 20:03:26 GMT 2017

On Fri, Apr 14, 2017 at 08:58:24PM +0100, Josh Branning wrote:
> > > Answer to Q1:
> > > Budget cost for build server to Ceata and community = $0.00
> > 
> > You have asked for partial funding from the Parabola fund handled by
> > Ceata, although you have disregarded Parabola Social Contract,
> > Ceata-Parabola Fiscal Sponsorship Agreement and Parabola's Delegate.
> > 
> > And please note that if you make a personal fully-funded donation, you
> > still need the approval of the community to accept the donation.
> > Otherwise, it's just a donation to Emulatorman and can't be mentioned on
> > the Donations wiki page of the Parabola community.
> Really, it's up to GC4J to choose to what entity the build server will be
> donated to, if it is to be donated.
> I wouldn't be surprised, after all this stuff that's happened, if it were to
> turn out to be a donation to Emulatorman, instead of Parabola, because lets
> be honest, not exactly all in the community have been nice. Because of that,
> I think GC4J has the express right to put two fingers up to Parabola because
> of this, if he so desires. Of course he can, because he paid for the build
> server himself.
> On the other hand, I don't speak for all of the community, but I think most
> would accept the donation of a build server with open arms if they were
> given the option.
> Josh


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